Yellow Coreopsis

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Yellow Coreopsis

Vibrant long-blooming and cheerful flowers of the garden, the tickseed showcase daisy-like petals with serrated tips that surround the yellow stamen.

<p>A close up photograph of a cheerful yellow Coreopsis.</p>
<p>The Coreopsis is a flowering plant from the Asteraceae family.</p>

<p>A yellow flower with toothed tip petals.</p>

<p>Coreopsis are sunny, summer blooming, daisy-like flowers and are popular in gardens to provide nectar and pollen for insects and to attract butterflies.</p>

<p>Also known as calliopsis and tickseed.</p>

More Information
Style Color
Format Landscape
Colors Yellow
Depth of Field Shallow
Lighting Natural
Technique Macro photography
Composition Shallow depth of field
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