Red-Necked Pademelon

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Red-Necked Pademelon (Thylogale thetis)

Red-Necked Pademelon

A portrait of a red-necked pademelon (Thylogale thetis) at Lamington National Park.

The red-necked pademelon is from the kangaroo family of Macropodidae and is small in size with a body length of 29–62 cm (0.95-2.03 ft.) and a tail length of 27–51 cm (0.88-1.67 ft.). The red-necked pademelon is closely related to the red-legged pademelon.

Pademelons are mainly nocturnal and are generally quite shy. They hide in the forest during the day, emerging onto the grassland to feed at night.

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Style Color
Format Square
Colors Brown
Depth of Field Shallow
Lighting Natural
Technique Telephoto lens
Composition Rule of thirds, Shallow depth of field
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