Chamelaucium Sarah's Delight

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Gorgeous waxflower with five petals, ten stamens and a pistil, composed of sticky stigma and supporting style for pollination, showcases three small flowers drifting out of focus from a lower aperture setting and a narrow depth of field.

A close up of the Chamelaucium Sarah's Delight flower with vibrant pink wax blooms and a crimson red centre.

Chamelaucium is also known as the Geraldton Wax or waxflower.

The chamelaucium belongs to the myrtle family myrtaceae and have flowers similar to those of the leptospermum tea-trees.

More Information
Style Color
Format Landscape
Colors Pink
Depth of Field Shallow
Lighting Natural
Technique Macro photography
Composition Rule of odds, Shallow depth of field
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